Westchester Little League in Los Angeles California District

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Sometimes parents do not want to or are not able to work their snack stand shifts.  They are permitted to hire a substitute for $30 per shift

A parent may hire any other ADULT– age 18 or over, to work for them in the snack stand.  They DO NOT need to be on this list if they are over age 18.

The adults and teens on this list have expressed an interest in being snack stand subs for hire and have been trained. 

For TEEN subs, ONLY those on this list may be hired as a sub.  All other subs must be over 18yrs and/or on approved sub list.


Rules for hiring a teen sub:
  • Teens may NOT work the grill or cash register. Grill workers must be 18 or older.

  • Only one teen may be hired per shift (drinks only).

  • When you hire a teen to sub, you must note that in Sign Up Genius so no one else hires a teen for that shift.

Adult Subs (G=Grill, C=Cashier, D=Drinks, A=All)

Jeff Toy (A) - (310) 908-4919

Lizbeth Tatenco (A) - (661) 233-6298

Ray Martin (G) - (310) 351-9319

Brenda Gronhagen (C,D) - (310) 892-3379

Robert Bryan (G,D) - (310) 968-9227

Kieran Bunikewicz (C,D) (424) 393-9633


Approved Teen Subs

Gabby Hernandez (C,D) - (323) 972-3103

Amber Tatenco (D) - (661) 233-6298

Heidi Hernandez (C,D) - (323) 481-8989

Matther Martin (D) - (310) 351-9319

Jessica Hanna (D) - (310) 429-8131

Jason Glover (D) - (424) 750-2950