Westchester Little League in Los Angeles California District 37

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Westchester Little League

Westchester Little League - A Diamond in the Rough

One of the many benefits of living in Westchester is being eligible to enroll in the Westchester Little League (WLL).  If your home address — or even just your school — fall within its boundaries, you are allowed to register.

The first thing one notices about WLL is the gorgeous baseball field at Carl Nielsen Park.  Current parent, Brian Gordon summed it up, “The first time I saw it, it was like walking onto a mini-Dodger stadium infield.  The grass is beautiful, and the diamond looks like it’s been cut with razor precision. It’s the nicest Little League field I’ve seen in the area.”


Every winter, after AYSO completes its season, the soccer fields get converted back to baseball fields, complete with cut-out dirt infields.  The man behind all of this Westchester resident Dan Bryan, who donates countless hours each year to maintaining the field. “I do it because I love baseball and the geometry of it all.  Some people say I’m a perfectionist, but I take pride in my work. Plus, I get a lot of parent volunteers to help each year.”


“Those ‘work days’ gave me a true glimpse of spirit of community in Westchester,” said Tony Palka, coach for his son’s team last Spring.  


Louie Maggiotto had two boys enrolled in a different little league until 2017.  He switched when he realized their charter school was within the WLL boundaries.  “We have a new baseball home. One of the many special things is the snack bar, which is staffed by people who really know how to cook.  After every game, the kids sit at picnic tables and eat burgers and fries. But what’s amazing is that no matter how hard-fought the game, the kids will intermingle.  You’ll have Giant players sitting at the Dodgers’ table!”


By the time most of these kids get to their final season, they have played on the same team as every other kid at least once.  Many of them go to school together, or live near each other, and this is a place to develop those Westchester bonds.


Brian Gordon added, “When my oldest son graduated, they gave all the 12-year-olds plaques with a list of every team they ever played on, going all the way back to tee-ball.  That’s his most treasured trophy.”

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